Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Athletics Day 2015

We went in the bus. We all talked and sang songs. We got there and had morning tea. I saw Nathan and Vicki. We had a photo of us from athletics.

Then I threw the javelin. I threw it hard. I threw three javelin on the grass. 

I threw the shot put. It looks like a heavy ball. I have three shot put throws. My first throw was good. We had fun at field events.

I had a sandwich and apple for lunch. We went to track events. I ran as fast as I could. I came fourth. I felt good.

We saw the boys and girls run around the circle. We saw Dillon, Marciano, Bradley, Keenan, Michael, Finn, and Nathan and also Vicki, Patrick and Tim run around the circle too.

We saw that Brennan and Troy run as fast as they could and also Matthew ran too. Allan is a good runner because he can ran as fast as he could. We put some sunblock on so we don’t get sunburn. It was a hot day. We all have a great day at athletics today,

We went back in the bus and sang songs again. We went back to Edgewater School. We changed into our uniform.

We went on a chrome book to look at the Athletics photographs on the Blog.  We went back into the taxi because we’re all going home and have a break at home.