Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Keenen's Hollywood Dance

Maurice Paykel Centre Ball 2015

We went to the dance at Tamaki College.  We met some of the other classes at Tamaki and we took some photo with the classes. We all had to sit on own chairs and we had some popcorn and a drink.
This is Keenen and Michael we were doing The Wonder Boys dance when Kevin took a photo of us. We like doing that dance.

This is Marciano, Keenen, Vicki, and Michael and Troy is hiding at the back of us when we had our photo taken. We smiled and we looked at the camera for a great photo.

This is Vicki, Marciano, Michael, Keenen, Monica, and Miles Walter. We are having a great time at the Hollywood Dance.
Here I am showing my awesome dancing.

I enjoyed the dancing a lot,we all had a fun time.

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