Monday, 2 May 2016

Keenen's holiday

Keenen's Holiday

On Tuesday.

I went to Motat with Kerrie, Sarah and Kalem and my favorite is the train. Next we went on the train to go look at those Airplanes.

On Wednesday.

I did Bowling and I only got 500 and 70 at bowling.

On Thursday.

I watched the new movie called The Jungle Book and I had KFC for Lunch. This movie have a song called Bare Necessities.

On the Camping Trip.

We went to Waihi with Kerrie, Sarah and Kalem,  We went surfing at the beach and we went through the tunnel.

On Saturday.

We went to Bruce Mason Centre with Kerrie, Sarah and Juno and we look at the Dinosaur Zoo and my Favorite dinosaur is the Brachiosaurus

After the show we walked to burger king for dinner.


  1. Keenan sounds like you had a great holiday. I am really pleased that you had a great time at the dinosaur show.

  2. Hello partner you never hang out with me for holidays