Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Ribbon Day

It the 24 October we go on the van to drive to Table Tennis Ribbon Day. I got 21 hits for table tennis and got the Silver Ribbon.  My prices called a Dairy Book, Toys, Chips and Chocolate I fault good playing table tennis.

Interact festival

On the 26 of October  we all go on the bus and take us to the Interact Art Festival. 
My Favorite art is picture coloring and drawing. 

First I paint some shapes into Rainbows and I went to the next table to draw a great castle with Michael, Nathan Joseph and Myself  we hang those up on the wall. 

After the arts we went to the musical performance to look at the people we're a beautiful costume.  We went outside to wait for the bus to come over and take us back to Sommerville.